In the words of Jim Britton (aka Mr Belowski, the creator as well as the voice of Crew Chief) "Back in 2015 I was playing Raceroom a lot and you had to decide between switching on these massive ugly overlays or having no fuel & penalty information. While on holiday I was sitting in a sauna thinking about it and I decided to address those specific issues with a little radio app which called out penalties and a couple of other things. Really narrow scope initially but it grew quickly and the Raceroom community liked the idea. Suggestions for improvements started coming in and it grew from there.

At the time, the goal was to build something as good as the iRacing spotter / chief (which was and still is very good) so I had a lot of things to add. There was a V1, it was rubbish. I made it less rubbish by adding a crude UI and other things, calling it V2. This was late 2015. Then I added voice recognition and some other things in 2016 and called it V3 'cos it was much better. Then I made the auto updater and added a load of other stuff mid 2017 and called it V4. Then I realised that the auto updater code meant that changing it to V5 would create a lot of additional boring work that I didn't want to do, so it's been stuck at V4 ever since.

In late 2015 Project Cars was the first game added, it required a major overhaul to decouple the game from Crew Chief's internal state.  Other games were added later, more easily now that Crew Chief could handle them more like plug-ins.

If it had just been me working on it, there's no doubt it would have stayed rubbish. I'm incredibly grateful to the guys who've worked with me* on it (See About/Credits) and to the community for their ideas, support and encouragement. But 7 years... still boggles the mind!"

now referred to tongue in cheek as Crew Chief Mega Corp

Selected highlights

2015 V1, 2 and 3 for Raceroom. Driver names. Project Cars added.
2016: V4. Voice commands. Assetto Corsa, rFactor and Automobilista added.
2017: iRacing and Project Cars 2 added. Pit command macros for Raceroom and iRacing.
2018: rFactor 2 and F1 2018 (spotter only) added.
2019: F1 2019 (spotter only) and Assetto Corsa Competizione added.
2020: F1 2020 (spotter only), Automobilista 2, Richard Burns Rally and Dirt Rally 1&2 added.  Pit commands for rFactor 2.
2021: GTR2 added. Pit commands for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

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